Full Professor Organisational Learning 
Faculty of Management, Open Universiteit, The Netherlands

Her current research addresses various aspects of organisational learning, sustainability and technological development & economic growth. Her research aims at enhancing our understanding of knowledge management with respect to individuals, firms, supply-chains and regions.

How can knowledgeable people be attracted to the firm and what role can be played in their personal development? Her research aims to shed light on the management of relations in the supply chain, with a focus on learning from forward and backward linkages. She is interested generating insight in factors that stimulate or hamper learning processes that take place in the interaction between governmental institutes and firms in regions or industrial clusters. A central aim is to understand the way in which governmental institutions can stimulate learning within firms and regions in order to enhance social, ecological and economic development.


Prof. dr. Marjolein C.J. Caniëls
Professor Organisational Learning
Faculty of Management, Science and Technology

Open Universiteit 
Valkenburgerweg 117
6419 AT  Heerlen      
The Netherlands


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Phone: +31(0)45-5762724


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