European governments and companies have sought her advice on innovation, industry policy, and regional economic development. They looked for special expertise in noted scientific journals, found her publications and invited her to be an expert advisor.

* Expert advisor to the Bureau Quality Assurance of Childcare (Bureau Kwaliteit Kinderopvang - The Netherlands) about transforming childcare institutes into learning organisations
* Expert advisor to the Skane regional government (Sweden) about competitive industrial clusters in healthcare and life-sciences
* Expert advisor to the Walloon regional government (Belgium) about competitive industrial clusters
* Co-project manager of ‘Organisation wide Programme Education – Business processes, digitalisation and atomisation’
* Co-project manager ‘Revision Bachelor program’
* Project manager Global Distance MBA. Setting up a new business school
* Consultant on business processes and marketing. Development of distance learning applications
* Co-project manager to develop digital distance learning materials for partner universities
* Project manager Digital Interactive Marketing Education
* Project manager 'Future Industry in the Brabant Region' - The Nethelands
* Contributed to an analysis of the Brabant Region Industry in 2020



Marjolein gives presentations in English or Dutch. She can discuss and present the subjects below.

Organisational Creativity
Organisational Learning

Regional economic growth
Regional learning

Supply chain management
Power and dependence in B2B


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